Greetings from Budapest


Days 6-7

Hello from Budapest. I am having technical problems here in the hotel and have had to get pretty darned creative to try to sneak some pictures out to you all. I include many shots of Helsinki, including a boat tour we took and then some shots of the airport in Helsinki and of the boys poring over the maps before our flight to Budapest. Then a couple of shots on the Danube "ending" with a night shot out the window of my hotel room of the Royal Palace across the river last night. Ending is in quotes in that the pictures we upload end up in very different order than the way we up-linked them, so they come out kind of random. Kind of fits the mood. Budapest needs to be on anyone's list of places to make sure you get before you die. Some unbelievable architecture, very nice people, wonderful food and chaotic traffic!

There will be more pictures of Budapest in a day or so, both from myself and from Mercer. In the morning (which is late tonight your time) it is Jim's leg to Athens. Everything still just working beautifully- the plane, the arrangements, the food.... the internet is a possible exception :-). More Later. Bob

Abbe Nelson