Starting in 2017, Niles Bolton Associates (NBA) and Dye Aviation Facility Architecture (DAFA) teamed to compliment our existing transportation capabilities. Our companies have each been providing world-class transportation design and construction management services since 1975. Our team of visionary designers and architects consistently create some of the finest corporate flight departments, FBOs and aviation hangars in the world. There is no other team with our passion, experience, and dedication to our aviation clients’ satisfaction.




Beyond aesthetics, we define success by how well a project realizes the vision of our clients and ultimately fulfills the needs of the people who live, use and work within the environments we create. At NBA, architecture takes the lead on projects, cohesively integrating exterior and interior spaces. We listen, analyze and engage each client throughout the design process and apply our knowledge and experience to achieve a true collaboration and build lasting relationships.

Interior Design

Whether working one-on-one or within the scope of a larger project, the NBA design team looks to balance artistry, style and functionality in visualizing how a space will be used from furnishings to finishings, from floor to ceiling. Key participants in the conceptual development of a project, our interior designers take inspiration from myriad sources while ensuring that spaces are always appropriately organized, sized, equipped and controlled.

Landscape Architecture

Creating an external environment artfully in tune with the function and context of structures is a critical part of a comprehensive design effort. In developing harmonious outdoor spaces, NBA’s landscape architecture team brings its extensive experience and thorough understanding of site, planning and sustainability issues to projects regardless of size or scale.


Taking into consideration the needs of the marketplace, client objectives and the realities of construction, we undertake site and building analysis and plot the course through the regulatory process to develop a plan that translates potential into achievement. Our approach provides a contextual framework for how buildings function within a neighborhood and city, the layout and interplay of public spaces and key services, rails and roads, all aimed at creating—or preserving—community identity.

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FBO - Executive Terminals

The General Aviation Executive Terminal is the front door to the business and economic community in most cities and towns. It is what many high-end investors see first. Initial impressions are critical for these people looking to invest in new opportunities. Fixed-base operator (FBO) terminals also greet and support the needs of a wide variety of the flying public using General Aviation.

Corporate Flight Departments

Corporations invest heavily in their corporate aircraft and in return expect crew and equipment to be prepared to safely complete every mission. We understand our clients’ need for efficiency, safety and privacy. From extremely large, international public companies to small, single-aircraft flight departments, designing the right facility to meet budgets and goals is critical.


We know hangar construction. Our team has developed hundreds of thousands of square feet of them. Hangar door systems run the gamut in cost and quality. There are few things worse than getting the owner’s multi-million-dollar aircraft stuck behind a hangar door because a two-dollar cotter pin failed. From the start, we get the details right, whether it’s a Plain Jane storage hangar or a high-activity maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility.