Getting Ready to Go Again!


Thought you would enjoy an email exchange between Chris Hall and our Handlers. It gives you an insight into the tremendous detail that happens behind the scene. Chris sent this two days after we got back on May 16th, working already through the jet lag to get Part Two ready.



Good morning, first let me start by thanking you and the Red Team for a job well done. As I expected everything went very smooth with all services in place as needed.

With that being said I have started reviewing the information for the second leg. I realize that some of this information is in process, but with that in mind this is what I have found to be missing from my files: India Business Contact, Vietnam Business Contact, Landing Permit Handling Information, Visas upon arrival China, You have provided a business contact for Shanghai is that also good for Beijing? Landing permits, Japan Handling confirmation, Landing Permits Russia Handling confirmation, Landing Permits I know the overflights that are required are in process and will forthcoming.

Please review the above and advise. Again, thanks for the great job.


We will depart the USA again this coming Sunday the 8th, arriving in Dubai at 7PM Dubai Time Monday, which is 10AM Monday morning. Fresh postings on this blog should start up again about then. Enjoy. - Bob

Lauren Kowalski